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Energy Efficiency Engineering & Consultation

Take your energy efficiency to the next level

We believe in a purposeful effort to make substantial contributions to the national economy and global environment by upleveling companies’ energy efficiency strategies. We take a multi-faceted approach to energy efficiency that utilizes a variety of efforts for optimal results:

  • Implementing Energy Efficiency Law and Regulations 
  • Assessment & prevention of wastage
  • Reduction of energy cost burden on economy
  • Protection of environment and natural resources
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Utilization of renewable energy resources for producing electrical energy
  • Diversification of energy resources
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

“Our company saved $25,000 in only 3 months with BPower's energy saving tools and practical knowledge.”

Bülent AkdemirLead Energy Engineer, ABC Inc.

We offer a wide array of services aimed at optimizing your energy efficiency

Efficiency in Power Plant Investment

Nuclear • Gas Turbine • Natural Gas Combined • Fuel-Oil/Coal Fired • Co-Generation • Wind • Solar

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Industrial • Commercial • Educational / Cultural / Health / Social / Sports Centers

Efficiency in Pipe Performance

Reducing Pipe Failures by Root Cause Analysis

Energy Efficiency in Industry

Manufacturing • Power Generation • Mining • Agriculture • Construction

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